Exclusive Investment Property Brokerage Services

Total Solutions Property Management can serve as exclusive brokers for existing clients, as well as for pre-qualified potential real estate investors.  Our services include:

  • Conducting a property analysis.  When one of our clients wants to buy or sell a property, we’ll help them analyze the building to determine its potential profitability.  Using our proprietary analysis system, we determine whether a property is a good investment, and advise our clients on next steps.
  • Providing a reality check.  Our goal is to give our clients “real numbers,” which serve as a reality check in their decision to buy or sell a property.  We look at the property analysis to determine whether buying or selling is a wise, beneficial move.

Job + Real Estate = Wealth

Our JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTH program educates and empowers "regular" people to be successful real estate investors. The concept is simple - keep your 'day job,' learn to make smart real estate investments 'on the side' and acquire more wealth.
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New Book Coming Soon

Job + Real Estate=Wealth BookThe Job + Real Estate = Wealth book is loaded with the specific skills on how to analyze the performance of a multifamily property and determine if it will generate the outcome that you desire. 

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