A partnership with Total Solutions Property Management offers significant benefits for property owners. As your trusted partner, we will:

  • Elevate your marketing efforts. We don’t just place an ad in the paper and wait passively for people to inquire about your property. Instead, we use a pro-active “surround sound” approach to generate awareness, interest and action. Our methodology combines ads, social media efforts, a proprietary partnership with RentMatch and compelling videos on our YouTube channel, to effectively reach your target demographics where they live, work and play. We leverage a variety of effective tools and technologies to spotlight your properties and attract qualified tenants.
  • Facilitate resident relations. We work diligently to keep your residents happy, ensuring long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships. We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication skills, as well as our dedication to meeting your residents’ needs and resolving any issues that arise.
  • Maximize rent collection while minimizing evictions and legal matters. Our trained staff is persistent and process-oriented in their collections efforts. We’re also well-educated on the current real estate laws. When issues occur, we have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to resolve problems and facilitate positive outcomes.
  • Provide comprehensive reporting. We’ll provide regular reports on your properties, informing you about services rendered, maintenance updates, the status of collections, any items that need to be addressed and any “new news” regarding your properties.
  • Collaborate with trusted partners. Our strong, well-established partnerships ensure that you’ll receive the highest quality services at the best possible prices. Since we manage such a robust portfolio of properties, we’ve successfully negotiated discounted rates for our clients. Additionally, we ensure that our contractors are held to the highest quality control standards. (Alternatively, we’re happy to work with your preferred vendors.)
  • Empower our clients with knowledge. Total Solutions Property Management Owner/Founder, Francis Fernando, has taken the proven methodology that has elevated his real estate business and has launched his innovative JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTH program, which teaches “regular people” how to acquire wealth through real estate. The concept is simple – keep your “day job,” learn to make smart real estate investments and acquire more wealth.
  • Ensure a seamless, stress-free process. You won’t have to worry about your properties. Let us handle everything on your behalf!

The Total Solutions Property Management team will help you maximize your investment and minimize the hassles of property ownershipContact us today to discuss how our services can meet your needs.


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