Leasing Services

The goal of TOSPM’s leasing services is to reduce the vacancy rates of your properties and ensure that your units are filled with qualified, suitable tenants.  We achieve great results through a multi-pronged approach:


We understand that effective marketing is instrumental in generating interest in your properties, so we prioritize marketing efforts on your behalf.  Some of our most successful tactics include:

  • Spotlighting each property through RentMatch (a partnership that’s exclusive to us), YouTube and Craigslist to maximize visibility, drive inquiries and fill vacancies.
  • Leveraging the strong relationships we’ve built with key referral sources in the area, including top NH employers, housing agencies, colleges and universities (such as NHIA and SNHU), real estate agents, and other agencies (such as The Way Home).  We alert these partners to our available properties and they regularly refer appropriate tenants.
  • Does TOSPM do any other kind of marketing or outreach – e.g., social media, listings on their websites, ads, events, etc – that we should spotlight here?


We’re extremely thorough in our application vetting process, which helps ensure successful landlord/tenant matches and long-term relationships.  Our process includes:

  • Vetting every application carefully.
  • Prescreening and prequalifying each potential tenant.
  • Interviewing all prospects and carefully considering their employment history, financial portfolio, background, etc.
  • Conducting in-depth background checks, which include the following:
    • Criminal background check
    • Past tenant history
    • Sex offender background check
    • Credit check
  • Reviewing each candidate through our proven multidisciplinary internal approval process.  We always have several of our team members (such as a leasing team member and accounting team member) assess each application and determine whether the prospect is a viable candidate.
  • Providing a robust snapshot of each tenant (a “Leasing Package”) to the property owner, which includes the tenant’s:
    • Employment history
    • Background check results
    • Copy of driver’s license
    • Photos
    • Any other relevant information
  • Coordinating the approval process with the property owner and then facilitating the lease signing and other logistics to move forward.


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