Legal Advising

TOSPM is well-versed with the legal procedures and codes impacting landlord and their tenants.  We offer property owners:

  • Legal advice and counsel to ensure they’re compliant with all laws and regulations.  We provide tips, advice and best practices to protect your legal rights, as well as offer assistance with any legal issues that may arise with your tenants.
  • Recommended documents, such as lease agreements that have been proven effective.  (We can also help you customize your lease agreements to meet your specific needs.)
  • Help with tenant eviction proceedings (in conjunction with our attorney on retainer).  We understand the parameters of these proceedings and can provide support every step of the way.
  • Advice on NH Real Estate Commission compliance.  We ensure that property owners are in compliance with NH Real Estate commission statutes and that our clients adhere to the IREM code of ethics.


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