Why Your Property Isn’t Renting — And What You Can Actually Do About It.

Check out these six common reasons why your property isn’t renting and tactics for determining a solution.


  1. Your rent price isn’t competitive: is listed at number 1.

We at TOSPM know that there is always a renter for the right price. Can’t find a renter? Lower the price by $50. Still nothing…lower it again by $50. When you hit the right rental amount the phones will ring and the showings will start. That’s how you rent! Advertise – Create Call Volume – Show – Screen – Rent.

Ten Skills Every Manager Needs — But 90% Of Managers Lack

“Traditional leadership training teaches people how to manage — but not how to lead, how to build trust or how to be human with employees. It’s time for a new approach!”

TOSPM, recognizes that a Manager in the workplace plays a significant role!

Click on link to read the article.


Great article on allowing pets in your property.

Should You Allow Pets in Your Property? 10 Considerations for Landlords, Property Managers & HOAs

Most properties that we manage allow pets based on size and breed for an additional $25 pet rent per month!


Great article on ways to reduce late payments.

At Total Solutions Property Management we recognize the importance of minimizing late payments and setting up smart systems.


Show Me the Money! 7 Ways to Reduce Late Payments

How to Pick a Generator to Prevent Winter Power Outages: Frequently Asked Questions from Landlords

How to pick a generator to prevent winter power outages: Frequently asked questions from landlords

How to Pick a Generator to Prevent Winter Power Outages: Frequently Asked Questions from Landlords

Meet Our Team!Bruno Bartoli, Operations CoordinatorBruno Bartoli facilitates and coordinates solutions for all the operations of your property. He is your legal liaison for landlord-tenant law and fair housing compliance and has great relations with the local city code compliance officials giving a him a firm understanding of how to keep properties within housing compliance. Bruno is fluent in English and Portuguese and has a good understanding of Spanish. Bruno is also a licensed Real Estate Sales Person and has been with Total Solutions for 10 years in various capacities and therefore understands the rental market and how to operate a property profitably.Bruno@totalsolutionspm.comKishanie Fernando, Accounting ManagerKishanie manages all Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions related to our clients’ properties. Kishanie provides oversight of all internal and third-party billing to ensure accuracy.She received a Bachelors Degree in Economics & Labor Management from the University of Toronto. She has over 20 years of combined experience in retail banking and currency trading from RBC and has acquired excellent organizational and analytical skills working as a Savings Bond Analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.Kishanie.F@totalsolutionspm.com Audra BoyntonAudra handles the AP/AR functions within the Accounting Department. She is also well versed in all areas of Property Management and assists the team for the common good of our residents and owners.audra@totalsolutionspm.comRoxana Green, Resident Relations CoordinatorWith a passion for people and dedication to providing the best Customer Service possible, Roxana is fluent in English and Spanish and responds to any complaints and/or service issues that may arise within tenants. Welcoming Future Residents to properties and actively helping current residents, responsible for securing rents, renewing leases and all collection/ legal activities. Personable, friendly and direct, Roxana helps residents feel listened to, cared for and most importantly have a safe place to call home.Roxana@totalsolutionspm.comJunior Macias, Leasing CoordinatorJunior is Total Solutions bilingual Leasing agent that assists families of all sizes in finding homes within the community as well as surrounding towns. Being fluent in Spanish and English, Jr can make those who do not speak English feel more comfortable while addressing their issues or applying for an apartment. Handling all the day to day leases as well as showings, he implements his knowledge and skills in finding you the right home for your family.Francis Fernando, Founder and Chief Marketing OfficerFrancis expertly leads a talented team of property management experts, providing a seamless, stress-free process for our clients. For years, Francis has successfully invested in real estate, acquiring a variety of profitable properties for himself and his growing roster of investment partners. Francis started Total Solutions Property Management in 2006, and under his expert leadership, the company has grown from a small start-up firm to a highly successful, profitable, well-respected real estate investment business. As founder and former president, Francis now serves as Total Solutions’ CMO.Total Solutions Property Management now manages more than 500 residential units and represents prestigious, high-profile clients, including US Bank, Wells Fargo, California National Bank, as well as other local, national and international investors and investments firms. He is also the creator of the proprietary Job + Real Estate = Wealth program, which educates and empowers “regular” people to be successful real estate investors.Francis studied Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He also went on to obtain a Master of Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.Francis.Fernando@totalsolutionspm.com

Posted by Total Solutions Property Management on Friday, January 12, 2018


The Total Solutions Team!

The Total Solutions Property Management NH team brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, credibility, and competency to our clients. Increasingly, property owners across Southern New Hampshire are depending on Total Solutions Property Management to handle their property management needs.




What does AI mean for the future of multifamily? Read about the top three digital trends for 2018.

The Top 3 Digital Trends for 2018


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Landlords Just Got a Big Tax Break

“Through a late provision added to the GOP tax plan over the weekend, real estate investors may be on course for a multimillion-dollar tax break.”


Great time to invest in real estate!  Total Solutions Property Management will be delighted to help you manage your investment!



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