3 Steps to Investing in Real Estate

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Creating A Wealth Accelerator

With shows like The Profit and The Shark Tank, we can’t help but want the “freedoms” that entrepreneurship could afford. What we don’t see is the other side of great entrepreneurship and that is the risks and failures.

Failures can be the result of any number of factors or combination of factors which might include: market conditions and cycles, lack of capital and most importantly longevity.  By longevity, I mean that businesses or products  need time-on-the-market to gain traction.  That’s not to say that any inferior product or service can sustain growth with enough time on the market.  It means that however good a product or service is, it needs time to be perfected and recognized.

How do you survive that time? Consider an entrepreneurship venture while keeping your job. Your job gives you the stability you need while you systematically build upon and grow your business/product.

My book, Job + Real Estate = Wealth develops such a skill set specifically for the Real Estate Investing entrepreneur.  But this concept that can be extended for many other industries and passions.

As I state in this short video, the wealthy all had an “accelerator” that propelled them in to the world of wealth.  Real Estate is one such example.  What is yours?

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How to get started in real estate investing

If you think real estate investing is just for the wealthy, think again. I believe you can begin successfully investing in residential real estate  using a proven methodology which teaches investors how to create and preserve wealth through smart, strategic investments while keeping their “day job.” The JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTH program makes real estate investments attainable, achievable, scalable and sustainable for “regular” middle-class people with a little extra cash to invest.

To get started, I recommend a few basic steps:

  • Get your mind in the game
  • Understand real estate basics
  • Create time
  • Understand your personality type
  • Know why you’re investing in real estate

Understand what you’re getting into and know that real estate isn’t an instant fix.  Have the sense of longevity, and realize that real estate isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme.  You need to be in it – and committed – for the long term.

To learn more about these steps, read my blog post on jobplusrealestate.com which goes into greater detail to help you get started.


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Introducing Job + Real Estate = Wealth

I’ve been following  a system to bring my body fat percentage down to that of an elite athlete. That system has been developed by a true practitioner in the physical fitness industry. Trust me, without that system and that expertise, there is no  way that I could achieve such a feat.  In my case, my path to fitness success is following Amanda Jordan’s workout routines from Northeast Integrative Medicine in Bedford NH (ajordan708@gmail.com / 603-647-0600).

What’s this have to do with Real Estate and with Real Estate Investing?

In both, you must trust a proven process. 

The Job + Real Estate = Wealth is a system that develops your confidence, skills and gives you the right gut feeling to invest in residential real-estate while keeping your job.  There are times in your life that you simply have to get in to “boot-camp” mode and commit to a system that will be the path to success. Learn more at jobplustrealestate.com


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